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  • android sqlite database

Android SQLite Database Example

Previously, we talked about severals ways to store data in Android and we have seen the SharedPreferences Tutorial. In this Tutorial, we will see another way to store data using Android SQLite Database.

SQLite is an Open Source database which supports all standard relational database features (SQL, transactions, prepared statements…).

We have three types of data in SQLite :  , […]

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  • android checkbox radiobutton

Android CheckBox And RadioButton Customisation

The default Android CheckBox RadioButton that come with the Android UI Kit are standard, but you can customise them in order to make your app UI more attractive and more better, In this tutorial i will explain to you how to customise Android CheckBox and RadioButton.

In the video below, i’m explaining all steps about how to customise […]

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  • android dialogfragment

Using Android DialogFragments Example

Hello dear developers, :), in previous tutorials, we have seen dialogs ( Create Simple and Custom Dialog, Using DatePickerDialog and TimePickerDialog), now we will talk about using android DialogFragment and communicating with the calling Activity.

Since Android HoneyComb, Fragments are introduced in order to support reusing parts of UI and logic in multiples […]

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  • custom android dialog

Custom Android Dialog Tutorial

Hi developers, our tutorial today is about how to create simple and custom Android Dialog, AlertDialog is a popup window which you can display on your application to alert the user for an action or to ask him to make a reaction (Example : accept terms conditions, stop alarm …etc).
 Create a simple Alert Dialog :
To display […]

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  • android datepickerdialog

Android DatePickerDialog and TimePickerDialog Example

Hi developers, today we are going to see how to use DatePickerDialog and TimePickerDialog in Android. DatePickerDialog allows the user to select a date in this format : year, month and day, while TimePickerDialog gives the possibility to the user to select a time in hour:minutes format.

There is two other android widgets which are similar to the DatePickerDialog […]

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  • android custom listview

Android Custom ListView With Images and Textes

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create an Android Custom ListView with images and texts in each row instead of the default ListView style.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create an android custom Listview with custom rows ( images and textes) :

You can visit this link to learn […]

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  • ios uiwebview

IOS UIWebView Tutorial : Load HTML File and Data

Some applications need to display/open a web site, load an html file , or load some html data. This is what the IOS UIWebView is designed for. In this tutorial, we will see how to handle all the previous possibilities using uiwebview.
IOS UIWebView Application Sample :
NOTE : we will create our sample app using StoryBoards […]

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  • IOS UIPickerView Example

IOS UIPickerView Example

Referring the official documentation. The iOS UIPickerView class is a view which use a spinning-wheel or slot machine to display a set of values. The user cana select values by rotating the wheels so that the disered row aligns with a selection indicator. In this IOS UIPickerView tutorial, we will create a simple color picker […]

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  • ios uitableview

Using IOS UITableview Example

IOS UITableView is a common UI element in iphone apps. It is used to display a list of data( it is the equivalent of ListView in Android). One of the best examples is the built-in phone apps: the Contacts application displays the list of your contacts in iOS UITableView, the same thing in the mail app, […]

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